What Have I Been Cooking for the Midlands Rocks

It has been a long while since I updated my readers on what has been cooking in the Midlands Rocks kitchen. It seems nowadays that I put my metal head hat on more often than my fashion one… but oh well, I enjoy what I write about, whatever it is.

A lot has happened since July last year, when it is, apparently, last time I reported to you about my music posts. I got to see live the band that got me into rock: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. This was a bucket list experience for me, and you can read my review of that amazing gig here.

They just recently released a new single, which is, again, a major event, since the band have not released any new material since 2015. You will be able to read my review of the single “Waiting For A Sign” very shortly.

Blackmore was busy prior to that with his Winter Carols, which I reviewed here. Another former member of Rainbow, Graham Bonnet, has also been busy. Read my review of his CD “Live… Here Comes The Night” here.

Another favourite band of mine, Europe, released their 30th anniversary show from London in August. Read my review of that awesome CD/DVD here.

I have also made some discoveries, bands that are not particularly well known but simply awesome. Read my reviews of those:

Jono – Life

Stamina – System of Power

Tiavara – Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions

Exit Eden – Rhapsodies In Black

If there is anything you fancy from these YouTube previews, head over to the web shops and get yourself some high quality new music!

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