I Joined The Team of Reviewers for The Midlands Rocks, One of UK’s Biggest Rock Websites

Today, I opened a new page in my life. Nothing too significant or life changing, mind, but big enough to get me buzzing with excitement. I started doing (on a bit more “professional” basis, but still as a major hobby) something I love and always wanted to do for living, but never managed to turn into a career path for myself: rock journalism.

My regular readers know that rock music occupies a significant section of my blog. There is some history behind this passion. Does anyone remember the story of the little girl who loved music but had to take the back seat?

I am excited and proud to say that I have now joined the team of reviewers writing for The Midlands Rocks – a UK based rock website. To be part of something like this is an immense honour and privilege to me. Thank you to the team for putting their trust in me, for giving me the chance to express my own opinion and make it available to the wider public. Let’s see if I can actually live up to this challenge!

My first CD review was published last night (phew!). Do check it out if you want. And, if you are one of those followers of my blog who are in for the music ride, bookmark http://www.themidlandsrocks.com/: there is a lot to read and learn there. 🙂

Here is the link to my review.

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