Tall Fashion Advice: Balancing Proportions of Tall Kinds. Guest Post by My Tall Wardrobe

After my recent joint posts with two tall bloggers, Long. Leggy. Lovin’ It! (post here) and the Junoesque (post here), I had the privilege to establish contact with another tall fashion blog, My Tall Wardrobe. Today she is the guest author on my blog with a post about balancing proportions of tall kinds.

Alexandra is a fashion designer and entrepreneur whose mission is to make fashion simple for tall women. She is the founder of fashion brand Your Tall Wardrobe – soon to be launched.


Her blog project, My Tall Wardrobe, is an inspirational fashion website for style information, reviews and daily inspiration. The author’s background is in design, style, tailoring and balancing out the body proportions.

Does it sound like she is the best authority to advise on tall proportions? It does to me! Here is her article for Not Another Tall Blog.

Balancing Proportions of Tall Kinds

I’ve lived and breathed tailoring for nearly 15 years and understand the traumas that many people go through to find clothes that fit, flatter and balance one’s proportions.

I myself, being 6 ft 1 (although sometimes I feel 7 ft) depending on people’s views of the day 😉 know exactly how hard this challenge can be. When I tried clothes on anywhere, I had to put up with whatever fitted. I think I actually convinced myself I was a size 14, merely because the sleeve length would come up a little longer.

Through the test of time and knowledge, here are a few of my top clothing items tips that will fit and flatter your frame. Some must buys, a few that are must avoid and a few that only a Tall woman can really pull off with gusto!


Trousers & Jeans

Low cut trousers and jeans. These really are the only option. High waisted jeans add to the length of the legs and aren’t flattering on the waist line. If you have a naturally short body with tall legs, this cut will do you a disservice as will having a balanced torso to leg ratio.

Next Tall or XL options are by far my favourite and fit really well on the rise, waist, hips and legs.


Tops with long body lengths. There’s nothing worse than your top popping up above your jeans, trousers or skirt. Not only will you be slightly frustrated from pulling your top down constantly, it doesn’t look too classy.

I have found H&M to have some great tops. This is a Swedish brand and therefore they do longer body and sleeve lengths.

Pencil Skirts

They always look elegant on tall women. The ideal length is just under the knee with a cute pair of kitten heels. We have the height for these skirts like no other, so let’s rock it! From skinny to curvy – it just works.


Tall women usually have long necks so shirts look really great and we can go more to town on detailing and patterns. Always go fitted to show off that figure.

Tailored, Always!

Trust me, I know it’s hard to find tall, tailored clothing, but where possible, do invest. Being tall, we need to create curves and shape, and this is the ideal way to do so.

Colour Blocking

Avoid wearing one colour all over. Make sure you’ve blocked your shades, have kept within the colour palette and do add colour!

No No’s

I’m sorry to those ladies who love these, but rarely have I seen a maxi dress or a long skirt work well on a tall lady. Not so bad if they’re floral or multi coloured. However, if all in one colour, the eye simply goes straight up and down and does not show off your gorgeous shape at all.

Mini skirts. They look far too short on us tall ladies. Other options look far classier and balance the figure much better. Too short and all you can see is legs for miles and your top half popping up. This rarely looks elegant.

If you’d like any more guidance on what would suit your personal body shape, please contact our style team or check out our blog for daily inspiration on the hottest new thing to wear, that fit Tall women. We’d love to see you! http://www.mytallwardrobe.com

Your Tall Stylists are at hand to help.

Much Love,

Alexandra @MTW x


    • Thanks for stopping by, Beth. The tips made me think, too. Especially the suggestion not to wear maxi dresses: I never even tried them for the same reason, but was starting to consider them. Better not!


  1. Sorry but I LOVE maxis and minis. lol

    But I need help! I bought a short romper from Amazon (didn’t realize it was coming from overseas until after I bought it). It is too small in the bottom. Otherwise the fit is great.

    I am now looking for a sheer cover up that is long.

    Liked by 1 person

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